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Migraines – Adult

New Research in Migraine Prevention

Although drugs including various formulations of triptans and pain relievers have been around for a long time they are far from perfect. Fortunately, there have been exciting breakthroughs in the treatment of migraines in the past couple of years.

Migraine headaches were originally thought to arise from non-specific factors such as stress and anxiety. Recent research shows that migraines may result from exposure to noxious (undesirable) toxins. The toxins are not well defined, but they are most likely biologic in nature such as a virus, bacteria, or chemicals found in certain foods or drugs.
During a migraine attack, certain proteins, called immunoglobulins, are increased and then subside after certain treatments. The resulting inflammatory response causes nerves in the area to become stimulated. The brain interprets the throbbing pain as a migraine headache.
Recently, researchers have discovered a new class of medications designed to help minimize this biological response. The current study is evaluating if an investigational medication taken after the migraine occurs can minimize or control migraine signs and symptoms.


Signs and Symptoms

Migraine headaches are characterized by repeated headaches that affect one area of the head. Primarily described as throbbing or pulsing pain, various other symptoms can also be attributed to migraines, such as:

  • Visual disturbances.
  • Nausea / Vomiting.
  • Sensitivity to light or sound.
  • Tingling in arms or legs.
  • Loss of appetite.


We are currently seeking volunteers age 6-80 with migraines. We have several different studies for people with migraines attacks, episodic migraine headaches or chronic migraine headaches. 

No Cost Study

There is no cost to participate in the study, and the study participant will receive the following:

  • Medical evaluation.
  • Investigational Medication.
  • Study Related Medical Care.
  • Compensation up to $400.
  • Complimentary transportation or a travel stipend.

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