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Autism – Adult

About Autism In Adults

While there has always been considerable interest in autism in children, adolescents and adults, it’s only been in the past decade that significant efforts have been made to improve treatment of autism. Diagnosis of autism has been gaining recognition as more and more people are identifying with its symptoms.

Autism is a complex phenomenon. Not only is there a misunderstanding of the concept, it has been plagued by misconceptions of its cause and methods of prevention. Overall, the concept of special mental abilities that is somehow associated with relatively poor interpersonal skills is known to most human beings.

The phenomenon of autism is not binary – in other words – it is not as simple as you either have it or you don’t. Instead, it identifies a broad range of behaviors. These variations have been given such names as Asperger’s syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder. The significance of these subtypes is poorly understood.

So, why does this human variation occur? The definitive answer eludes us for now. However, there are several clues that have emerged. The current focus is on an imbalance of hormones involved in very early development.

Researching Adult Autism

Research on autism treatment and support services has long focused on early childhood. On many levels, this is understandable. Early intervention has great potential to improve outcomes, and school systems need to provide appropriate support services. Yet adulthood makes up the vast majority of a lifespan.

By participating in this study, you will help to evaluate a new investigational drug that is engineered to impact vasopressin levels.


  • A study partner is required to be present at all appointments.

Adult Autism Research Study

Northwest Clinical Research Center is currently seeking adults with autism, ages 18 and over, to participate in a research study evaluation a new investigational study drug to augment social behaviors and functioning.

  • Help us search for new treatment options.
  • Receive investigational study drug and study related evaluation.
  • Receive compensation to cover expenses such as transportation and meals.

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